To Hire or Buy an Inflatable Arch

To Hire or Buy an Inflatable Arch

Sales and marketing are like two sides of a coin – one is incomplete without the other. Since the time when business studies became a proper science; analysts have been considering influential marketing strategies as the most essential technique to attract prospective customers.

Over the past few years, the approaches to promote a product, a cause, or an event have changed greatly. People are coming up with more interesting, engaging, and convincing ideas to attract and fascinate their customers. There is no doubt that the quality of your product should be the most important feature to influence your customers’ choice. However, in order to introduce them to your product, you need a creative plan.

A latest and a very effective advertising technique that is becoming more popular every day is inflatable arches. These are huge air filled structures , which when inflated, become giant gateways. They are used to serve different purposes. As these arches are used in races to indicate starting and ending points to the participants; we can say that in a race, the inflatable arches act as temporary gateways.

Apart from this, inflatable arches are also used in events, which aim to promote public awareness. Hoisting these huge funky coloured air arches is a sign that something fascinating is happening around the area. This attracts local visitors, which come closer to the arches’ location to discover more about the event.

Furthermore, in various events or exhibitions where companies set their stands to captivate the audience; inflatable arches prove to be quite helpful in intriguing the customers about the product. This is simply because these arches have the companies brand printed all over them, raising high arches can turn out to be a remarkable advertising medium.


Since now you know the relevant advantages of using these Inflatable arches in your events; you must be wondering whether to buy them or hire them for a one off. Well, both of the options are available for you to choose from.

If you are a professional event organiser and plan races on a daily basis, if you hold more than 3 events per year then it is more advantagous to buy the inflatable arches once, and then use them at different events. However, if you are organising a one off event, then it is better to hire one.

Secondly, it further depends on your funds and sponsors. After purchasing all the important race equipment; if you have enough money to buy the arches, then go for it. However, if you are already lacking funds and your sponsors are also not very supportive, then hiring the arches for a few days initially can be more cost effective. And as your Race grows you can invest in your own inflatable arch.

Here, at we provide inflatable arches of various sizes and shapes. If you want to know more about their designs or want to purchase some for your upcoming event, then contact us today.

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