Square Metal Flag Base – 10.5kg

£48.00 (exc. vat)

Innovative Design for Ultimate Flag Support

Our 10.5kg metal Flag Base, featuring a clean design and 10.5kg spread weight for superb stability. Compatible with every size pole we offer and suitable for up to large flags. Rotator included for free flag movement.

  • Professional finish
  • 10.5kg spread weight for stability
  • Compatible with various pole sizes
  • Rotator for free flag movement

Introducing the 10.5kg square metal Flag Base, a robust and stylish support for your flags. Our flag base offers a variety of benefits and features, including:

  • Stylish Design: A clean black finish to give a professional edge to your flag.
  • Enhanced Stability: A 10.5kg wide spread base ensures complete stability, keeping your flags secure.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Our flag base can be used with every size pole we have on offer, accommodating various flag sizes up to and including large flags.
  • Free Movement: A rotator is included, allowing your flags to move freely for optimal exposure.
  • Easy Assembly: Set up your flag base quickly, with no tools required.

Upgrade your flag display with our 10.5kg square metal Flag Base, designed for ultimate stability and versatility. Suitable for various flag sizes, this innovative base provides secure support for your flags, making it an ideal choice for any event or display.

Additional Information

Weight 3kg empty (30kg full)
Dimensions 200 × 510 × 530 mm