Drive On Car Flag Base

£35.00 (exc. vat)

Effortless Flag Car Base:

Drive-On Foot for Easy Use

Experience our Flag Car Base, perfect for car forecourts or car shows. Utilising vehicle weight for stability, it comes with a spigot for free flag movement. Suitable for all flag sizes. Simple and effective for any car forecourt display.

  • Vehicle weight for stability
  • Spigot for free flag movement
  • Suitable for all flag sizes
  • Ideal for car forecourts

Introducing the Flag Car Base, an effortless and efficient solution for displaying flags near a car such as a car forecourt. This drive-on foot base offers numerous advantages and features, including:

  • Vehicle Weight Support: The weight of a vehicle keeps this base securely in place, ensuring stable flag support.
  • Free Flag Movement: The base includes a spigot, allowing your flag to move freely for maximum exposure.
  • Universal Compatibility: Suitable for all sizes of flags, making it an ideal choice for various flag displays.
  • Easy to Use: This drive-on foot base is designed for quick and simple installation and use.
  • Additional Options: Explore our Tyre Moulded Base for an even more impressive car forecourt flag display.

Elevate your car forecourt flag display with our Flag Car Base. Designed for simplicity and effective support, this base is perfect for showcasing flags of all sizes in any car forecourt setting.

Additional Information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 120 × 550 mm
Product Type Flag Accessories
Assembly Time 1 minute
Budget Economy
Environment Outdoor
Guarantee 1 Year Guarantee
Material Powdered Coated Steel
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